3 Improvements To Make Your Home Comfortable For Your Aged Parents

Posted on: 14 December 2017

Taking care of your aged parents can be very demanding. As such, getting a good facility to provide respite care helps to relieve this burden from various family members. However, it is normal for your parents to make regular visits back home, although professional caregivers will usually accompany them. Below are several improvements that you can make to your home to ensure it is comfortable for your aged parents when they make such visits.

Install ramps

Installing ramps next to stairs around the home is essential. There are high chances that your parents will be using a wheelchair, and climbing the stairs will be quite difficult. You will need to get several people to help you lift your parents onto the porch. To reduce this inconvenience, you can get a local fabricator to put together a ramp that will make it easier for the wheelchair to access the main entrance. You can also make additional ramps for use in the house if you have sunken sitting rooms or raised dining areas.

Relocate their bedrooms to the ground floor

You should make arrangements to relocate your aged parents' bedroom from the upper floors to the ground floor. Even if they will be only visiting you for a short time, it is quite challenging to carry them to their rooms every day. Make sure that the bedroom is as comfortable as possible so that they are not psychologically affected by the change. It is also a good idea to ensure that other family members sleep on the ground floor when the parents are around. If they are in critical condition, you can prepare an adjacent room that can host the professional caregiver who will be accompanying them.

Make arrangements for emergency medical supplies

Make sure that you have emergency medical supplies such as a respirator in the house. However, you should not pick these medical supplies randomly. Contact the respite care facility to find out the essential medical supplies that you should purchase. The professional caregiver will most likely come with various supplies, so it is necessary to stock something that can be useful but will not be provided by the facility for home visits.

You can contact the respite care facility to send someone to assess your home. They will then confirm if all the arrangements are appropriate to meet the needs of your aged parents. In case something is missing, they will offer recommendations and guidelines on how to install it.


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