Why You Should Be Proactive about Your Health

Posted on: 28 March 2022

Over the years, the Australian healthcare system may have been more focused on reacting to conditions as they arise rather than being too proactive. Thus, you may only present yourself to a healthcare specialist if you have certain symptoms, which means that the underlying cause may, at that stage, be somewhat advanced. While it is always best to try and catch something before it develops, you may be thinking about scheduling a visit to a healthcare centre for a wellness exam. Why is this such a good idea?

Holistic View

The typical wellness exam is meant to look at how you live your life and how likely you may be to develop certain illnesses. It may go hand-in-hand with an actual physical exam, which may involve a series of lab tests or bloodwork to look for underlying conditions. Principally, the wellness exam is a chance to talk with experts and, if needed, change some habits that may otherwise contribute to problems down the road.

Question Time

At the start of a wellness exam, the doctor will ask you a range of different questions. They'll want to know about your sleeping and eating habits, find out if your weight has been relatively stable of late, or if you're having to deal with high levels of stress at work or at home. They'll have a look at your previous health records and ask you about your family history to see if you may be at elevated risk of developing certain hereditary conditions.

Suggesting Changes

The main reason for the wellness exam is to help you correct unhealthy habits or make changes to your lifestyle that should serve your best in the future. The expert may recommend increasing your level of daily exercise or altering your diet to add a better mix of vegetables, fruits and healthy fats. They may help you look at your daily schedule so that you can add extra personal time towards the end of the day. In this way, you may be able to introduce a meditation practice for some of that stress or get an hour or two of extra sleep per night.

Managing Conditions

If you already suffer from some conditions that may be ongoing, your medical expert will give you further recommendations to help you better manage them. They may also have some additional guidance or suggest certain treatment alternatives that you can discuss with your primary health provider.

Being Proactive

Don't leave your overall health to chance when there are definitely alternatives. Instead, schedule a wellness visit with your healthcare provider on a regular basis.


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