Alternative Medicine Options

Posted on: 30 May 2018

With bacteria becoming increasingly resistant to modern medicine it seems like the perfect time to try to use organic and natural means to improve health and wellbeing. Whilst your GP will be able to provide advice and guidance for many common illnesses and ailments, preventative measures are always going to be the best approach to take when trying to increase your longevity and minimise your risk of becoming sick. This guide will provide some alternative medicines in a bid to limit the amount of time you need to spend visiting your local medical clinic, and perhaps give you something to consider next time you reach for the man-made pills.. 

Aromatherapy for Depression

Depression is something that's often treated with medication or psychological therapy, however aromatherapy has long been used to help relieve symptoms. It is well known that scented oils are often used for relaxation, however many have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties as well, making them very versatile for a number of issues. Aromatherapy, mindfulness and massage may help signs of depression, however research is still ongoing in this department. GPs will be able to make recommendations as to which alternative medicines could help, as some are being incorporated and used alongside conventional medicine. 

Common Back Pain

Chiropractors specialise in working with the musculoskeletal system in the back. They apply pressure to various points to relieve pressure in the joints and increase range of movement. This is often used alongside conventional medicine and painkillers, however massage in general allows for overall relaxation that can affect pain sensors and increase blood flow. This can have hugely beneficial effects on the body, as blood carries vital nutrients around the system. This could be a good approach for those who wish to come off pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs.

Coconut Oil and Fungal Infections

Coconut oil is something of a wonder product. It has anti-bacterial, fungal and microbial properties which can be used in place of mouthwash and toothpaste, as well as a natural conditioner for the skin. However something it works particularly well with is fungal nail infections. These infections will continue to grow unless stopped, however medication issued by GP's is strong and can have negative affects on the liver. Coconut oil applied very frequently can help kill the fungus and and return the nail to it's original state. Unfortunately this takes plenty of time and must be applied consistently and until it has vanished. Tea tree oil can also be applied to the nail and mixed with the coconut oil to create a balm. 


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