Robot Prostate Surgery – Is It Superior to Traditional Surgery?

Posted on: 12 October 2018

Radical prostatectomy, commonly known as robotic laparoscopic prostatectomy, is steadily replacing the conventional prostate surgery. The surgeon, who will go through the motions of the procedure while the fibres in the equipment translate these motions to the robot, carries out this type of operation remotely.

Some people may think that visibility will be limited if the surgeon is not standing right by their patient, but the reality is that visibility is even higher through robotic surgery. The surgical console that the surgeon works at has a high magnification spectrum coupled with three-dimensional imaging. Consequently, it is much better than traditional scope-assisted prostate surgeries. If you are still sceptical about the benefits of robot prostate surgery, below are a few reasons why it is superior to conventional surgery.

Minimal risk of complications

Surgery, in general, is always considered risky. Whether it is minor or major surgery, there is the possibility of unforeseen complications arising. But the advent of robotic prostate surgery has dramatically reduced this risk. This type of surgery is more efficient at eliminating all malignant tumours present, which dramatically reduces the need for the patient to undergo radiotherapy or chemotherapy. Another risk that comes with prostate surgery is the development of infections. These infections typically develop at the incision points and can drastically hinder the healing and recovery process. Since robotic surgery makes minimally invasive cuts as compared to those of traditional surgery, there is a decreased chance of bacteria making its way into the incision.

Short recovery period

The second reason why robot prostate surgery is superior to conventional procedures is the quick recovery that it offers the patients. Since the operating arms need minimal space in which to manoeuvre, it means that the patient does not have to receive large incisions. Consequently, closing up the operation site will require just a few sutures that will heal faster as compared to the recovery rate of numerous stitches. Furthermore, the precision of the robotic arms translates into an improved targeted approach to the surgery. Therefore, not only will there be complete removal of the cancer cells, but there will also be a minimal chance of the surrounding healthy tissue acquiring damage during the procedure.

Reduced scarring

The large incisions required for traditional prostate surgery will produce substantial scarring on the patient. These scars can leave unsightly marks on the patient's abdomen. If you are concerned about conspicuous scar tissue, robotic prostate surgery will be the best option. In addition to the aesthetic value, there will also be minimal scar tissue at the interior walls of the abdomen, which facilitates quick healing.


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