Does Your Child Need Prescription Eyewear?

Posted on: 23 April 2019

Prescription eyewear is usually associated with adults since it is assumed that the older you get, the worse your vision could become. Nonetheless, in recent years, more and more children need spectacles, and this could perhaps be attributed to long hours spent in front of a screen. And while cutting down screen time could mitigate the problem, it should be noted that if your child's vision were already in jeopardy, it would be best to get them prescription eyewear so that the problem does not become aggravated with time. However, not many parents know how to notice the signs of an impending eye problem. This piece highlights a few signs that should alert you to a vision problem in your child.

Continuous squinting

When squinting occurs once in a while, it should not a cause for concern since it could stem from an array of factors, ranging from sun glare to a pollutant in the eye. But if the squinting is not occasional and is seemingly become worse with time, it could mean that your child is trying to focus their vision since they cannot see clearly. The squinting could also be accompanied by other habits such as closing one eye when looking into the distance or your child tilting their head when trying to focus on something. If you notice any sudden behaviour changes in your child in relation to their vision, it is best to take them in for an eye exam to establish if they require prescription eyewear.

Proximity to screens

Another sign that should make you wary about your child's vision is if they keep sitting very close to screens. If your child has developed myopia, also commonly known as near-sightedness, they will have a tendency of holding things close to their face to see them properly. Hence, this will also manifest with sitting too close to the television, leaning their head close to a computer screen or even holding their tablet right up to their face. All these signs indicate that they are having issues with visualising what is in front of them and should have you visit an optometrist as soon as possible.

Incessant headaches

Headaches crop up due to a host of reasons. Nonetheless, headaches should never be commonplace with your child. The moment that they start to complain about a recurring headache, you should be wary of the fact that it could be a sign of deteriorating vision. Usually, degrading vision translates into the ocular muscles overworking. Hence, they begin to experience headaches on a regular basis, which could possibly be cured with prescription eyewear.


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